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We help small businesses minimize their level of risk and increase resilience with our business continuity consulting and plan development.

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What is Business Continuity?

Business continuity planning is the process of preparing for business disruptions which can be caused by natural and man-made events. Business continuity plans can take many forms from documents to spreadsheets to paid software programs which range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. Our business continuity experts have helped hundreds of small business with customized risk assessments and business continuity plans.
“Certified Business Continuity Professionals?”
Tempest Risk Management is a select group of Certified Business Continuity Professionals who have assisted organizations throughout the world in every aspect of developing business continuity plans and management programs. Business continuity programs reduce operational risk and increase organizational resilience.
Our certifications are through the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII)

Tempest can help strengthen your small business position by providing risk assessments, business continuity plan review or construction, providing emergency logistical support during a disaster, and consulting during your return to normal operations. Schedule a consultation to learn more or email

Why Should I Have a Business Continuity Plan?

Investors, clients and insurance companies want re-assurance that you can roll with the punches. Being prepared for business disruptions with an ISO22301 compliant business continuity plan can build your confidence, reassure your investors and clients, help you secure loans and grants and, ultimately, keep you open for business when the inevitable happens.

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Save Money
Secure more investors
Secure loans and grants
Hit all your goals
Minimal downtime
have a recovery plans
Our step-by-step Process

This proven framework has been refined and developed specifically for our small business clients. First, we work directly with you and your staff to understand your business and build the overall framework of your operations documents. Next, we create a first draft for your review. Finally, we refine your policies and procedures until you are satisfied.

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