“Why Choose Tempest Risk Management?”
Other risk management providers either want to sell do-it-yourself programs or build a large, complex (and expensive) business continuity function within your organization.

Tempest Risk Management provides custom, easy-to-understand business continuity plans, and services that are appropriate for your operation.

We specialize in strengthening communities by providing small businesses with business continuity management and disaster recovery services. When the inevitable business disruption occurs, our business continuity experts can assist your recovery efforts by providing logistical support and advice.

If you want to check out what we can offer, download our free business continuity plan template here.

Founder Andy Ziegler is a recognized expert in small business continuity, resiliency and operations. Andy has spent 25 years in corporate risk management and 19 years as a volunteer firefighter.

Andy has provided business continuity and small business operations workshops in a variety of local and national stages including America SBDC National, Business Continuity International and Disaster Recovery Journal conferences.
We are a national company.

Serving the entire USA with three operating locations

Wilmington DE
Greenville NC
Albany NY
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