SOP Creation

We can write or edit a single SOP or an entire Operations Manual for your business.

The Value of Standard Operating Procedures in your Business

A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is used to capture and store a business workflow in writing and/or pictures and diagrams. Each SOP represents a separate function within the business.

An Operations Manual is a collection of all of the companies SOP's organized and stored in one place. Some companies keep their SOP's in 3 ring binders, others on expensive and confusing intranets but many are choosing to store their SOP's on the Tempest Gateway where every employee can easily find and use every SOP, anytime, anywhere on any computer or their phones through the Tempest Gateway App.

How it works

There are many different approaches but the most common format is a simple step by step list of how to perform a particular function. Visual process flows are also common side by side with the written process to re-enforce the workflow as well as help both visual and reading-based learning. Our operations experts can offer more options and guidance on ways to structure SOP's. In order for our experts to document your processes, we need you to explain them to us.

This generally happens in one of three ways:

  1. You send us what you already have written
  2. You describe your process to us over the phone or Zoom
  3. You record yourself describing the process to us via Loom or similar screen recording application

From there, we will write your standard operating procedures using professional and attractive templates that we have developed and customized with your logo and company name until you are successful.

Not sure what you need? Contact us!

Email Us Process Descriptions

The advantage to this is that you can work on your own time without having to schedule meetings with us. We will ask clarifying questions to ensure we fully capture the steps involved in the business process before finalizing the procedure.

Phone or Zoom Meeting

This is the most effective way as a two way dialogue will ensure we understand and capture every part of the process that you may miss because you are so close to it and understand it so well. This requires scheduling hour long sessions to work through your business processes.

Audio & Screen Recording

The best of both worlds. We get a very clear picture and understanding of the business process and can capture images right off or your screen to include in the procedure.

What does this cost?

Pricing by page or by hour are avaialble in both pay-as-you-go and bulk package options. Contact us at to discuss your needs.


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