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With opportunity, comes regulation and documentation. We have developed cannabis industry Standard Operating Procedures and Business Operations Plan templates that have proven successful in allowing our clients to gain licenses and approvals for their business.
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What makes Tempest different?
Tempest doesn't just send you a template with your name embedded, we craft each step in the process and walk through state regulations line by line to ensure your plans meet the regulatory requirements for your license type in your state.
Click here for a FREE Cannabis Operations Template

What states have you worked in?

We have developed plans for cultivators, manufactures and medical and recreational dispensaries in

New Jersey
New Mexico

How does this work?

First, we need to meet with you via zoom to understand you and your business plan. Next, we can review the templates that we have available in case we can use information that we already have available to save you time and money.
We then customize all of the documentation to your cannabis business and your specifications until you are satisfied.
Final documents can be delivered in Google Docs, MSWord or .pdf format.


Tell us know what state you are located in and what type of business you have or are planning.


We will discuss how we can help you and show you examples of what we have done for other clients.


You choose your format, customize it as you see fit and we then craft personalized documents to meet your needs.


Once we have a draft ready for your review, you will have the opportunity to make changes and edits as you see fit until you are satisfied. We will make as many edits as you require, within scope of the agreement, for a month following the final delivery.

Our step-by-step Process
Frequently Ask Questions
What states have you worked in?
How long does it take?
What do the documents look like?
What is the sign up process?
What does this cost?
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